How to End an Email

How to End an Email

What You Should Include

For long and complicated emails, it's important to skillfully end your message to ensure that your readers understand your main points. Use these components to effectively close out your emails.

  1. Your Main Point...but simplified

    Boil down the main point of your email into an easy to understand sentence. Drive home your main point and ensure that the reader understands you.

    Phrases that work well here include:

    long story short
    to boil it down
    in a nutshell

  2. Include Action Items

    If things need to get done, include reminders here. People tend to remember best what they hear/read first and last.

  3. Explain The Why

    People tend to be more cooperative when they understand and agree with the logic behind things. Helping the reader understand the reasons for your message can go a long way.

  4. A Personal Touch

    Add a brief remark with a personal touch. This need not stay on topic. Informal comments about a shared experience/interest work well.

  5. Email Signoff

    Your very last words before your contact information.

    Here are a few to get you started.

    Best regards
    All the best
    Warm regards

  6. Name & Contact Information

    Include your name, company name, job title, and contact information.

    Use the template below.

    Willam Smith
    Lead Auditor
    MoarIdes & Banks
    (703) 234-2523

How to End an Email

Examples of Email Endings

Here are a few examples of how to end an email to get you started.

  1. Deadline on Deliverable

    ...In a nutshell, client XYZ is expecting a deliverable by the end of the week.

    Kim - I'd like for you and Ali to put the finishing touches on our presentation. We won't get another shot at this, so I want our best people on it.

    Let's finish strong team and drinks will be on me this Friday!


    William Smith
    Lead Auditor
    MoarIdes & Banks
    (703) 234-2523

  2. Diagnosing a Data Problem

    ...Long story short, we're seeing data quality issues in the Dev tables and it's unclear what's causing them.

    Going forward my plan is to:
    1) Meet with DBAs to see which schemas are affected.
    2) Check if Prod is also affected.
    3) Meet with SMEs to see if there's a business explanation.

    I'll keep you all posted, but feel free to check in on me. It can get lonely in DevOps :)


    William Smith
    Data Scientist
    DataSci Consulting
    (703) 432-5432

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